Why Scuola?

Scuola teachers are accomplished, creative individuals who know their subjects intimately. What’s more, they care deeply about their students.

years of verifiable ESL teaching experience
hours in-person teacher training program
graduate degrees in TESOL & Linguistics

Meet our team

Highly experienced and qualified professionals with focus on good student discipline, proven academic performance, and small class sizes.

Michael C. Johnson

Director of Teacher Training

Katharine M. Young

Assistant Director of Training

Geoffrey R. Olson

Expert Series Trainer

Kathy Hill

Catherine F. Poteete

Nora J. Bowen

Kids Teacher

Bobby Hughes


Andrea Falke


James Bailey


Start Teaching!

Students need and deserve our best efforts and our best educators.We recruit the very best teaching talent in the country- teachers who are experienced, focused and professional and who consistently achieve excellent results for their students.

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